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Petro-By-Products >> White oil

Paraffin process oil and white oil are made by highly refined various pariffin raw petroleum.
Paraffin process oil and White oil are produced to be strictly selected to  various paraffin raw oils which are highly refined according to kinds. It has good compatibility with NR, SBR, BR and EPDM etc, and excellent anti-staining and age resistance etc, and is widely used for shoes,rubber hose and packing product etc.

It maintaines an excellent oxidation stable.
Even though using long time, it hardly has color-change and pollution against light and heat.
Because it has a good water division quality, when mixing with water, there does not happen to emulsification.

In particular, it is very good at mixing with special rubber items such as car etc(Weather strips, heat resistant hose and heat resistant vibration-proof rubber etc).

High class rubber processing oil
Woolen, synthetic fiber spinning and lubricating of textile machine.
The base oils of cutting oils and antirust oils.
High speedy machine tool and fine machine lubricating oils.

Typical properties
This property is a standard and according to customers, the property can be changed.

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