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Dry Fruits & Nuts >> Almonds
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Almond is one of the dried fruits with Scientific name Amygdolus; the biggest producer in the world are USA, Iran, Syria and Afghanistan. All the origins have various sizes and types of almonds; we supply the best quality of Almonds from USA, Iran and Syria.

The Californian almonds are one of the most consumed types of almonds in India and all over the world. We supply the same directly from California USA, through our partners who own the farms and distribute Almonds worldwide.

We also supply the Californian almonds from Hong Kong, sometimes at a price cheaper than what is offered from USA, as we work as an exclusive agent for various Hong Kong suppliers in India. The transit period is drastically reduced to 12 days to Nhava Sheva and for various other ports in Middle East, Europe and other Countries, as compared with 60 days if the shipment is directly from California, giving an edge to our buyers to benefit the price movement, which is sometimes very volatile in world markets.

The packing for the Almonds is in 50lbs bags and there are approximately 45000lbs in one container, which is also the minimum order we take. The various sizes and types of Californian almonds are given below on this page.

We supply best quality of Mamro Almonds, which is very healthy in nature and a good source of dietary nutrition. We have our own office in Iran to maintain the quality for the same. The various grades of Mamro Almonds are given below:
A             - About 120-125 pieces per 100gm
AA          -about 110-115 pieces per 100gm
AAA       -about 100-105 pieces per 100gm
AAAA    -about 95-100 pieces per 100gm

We supply the Syrian almonds, which is also gaining momentum in various markets worldwide through our trade tie-ups with best suppliers from Syria. The various sizes of Syrian Almonds are given below:
12mm – 15mm

Various Sizes of Almonds:

Sweet and Bitter Almonds
Almonds are either sweet or bitter, and this largely depends on the colour of the flowers borne by the almond tree. It has been noted that the almond tree with white flowers often produces sweet almonds, whereas the tree bearing pink flowers produces bitter almonds. The bitter almonds are used to make almond oil, which is used in the production of a liquor. The bitter almonds are broader and shorter than the sweeter ones. The bitter variety may yield about 6 to 8 percent of hydrogen cyanide, and larger dozes of the oil extracted from them, can even prove deadly. This is the reason why almond oil fell from the prescription list of the doctors in the late 20th century.

Almond and Its Significance
Though the exact history of the almonds cannot be traced, but they are believed to have originated in China and Central Asia. Almonds find a mention as far back in history as the Bible. They were an important ingredient in breads served to Egypt's Pharos. Through the flourish of trade, explorers ate this healthy nut while traveling via the "silk route" and it was not long before almond trees flourished in the Mediterranean region, especially in Spain and Italy. In the mid 1700's, the almond tree was brought to California from Spain. Over the years through cross breading and research, many varieties of almonds are now grown in many regions across the globe.

Almonds hold a of religious, ethnic and social significance in many cultures. In the Bible's "Book of Numbers", Aron's rod blossomed and bore almonds, thus making almonds a symbol of divine approval. In Rome, the newly wed couple were showered with almonds as a fertility charm. Even today, the Americans as a token of love, happiness, good health, etc. give sweetened almonds to guests at weddings. In Sweden, there is a Christmas tradition of hiding an almond in cinnamon-flavoured rice pudding; the one who finds the almond has good fortune throughout the year.

Health Benefits Obtained From Almonds

  • As almonds are full of monounsaturated fats, (the good fats), they help in lowering bad cholesterol and reduce the risk of developing any heart ailments
  • Good amount of Vitamin E present in the almonds results in an anti-oxidant effect, and further lowers the chances of any heart related problems
  • Almonds are high in magnesium content, which is an essential element that helps in relaxing arteries and veins and improves blood flow in the body
  • The potassium present in this wonder nut helps keep the blood pressure under control, and also facilitates a smooth functioning of a healthy heart
  • Almonds also help in keeping diabetes under check, by lowering after-meal surges in blood sugar. They provide essential anti-oxidants to aid with the clean up of the free radicals in the body, thereby making them a great after meal snack
  • Research has shown that women, who eat almonds regularly have a 25% lower risk of developing gall stones.

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