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Chemical >> Soda Ash Light
               Product Name
: Soda Ash Light
             Item No. : CTC- S01
             Place of Origin : Ukraine

Detailed Product Specifications

Light Soda Ash is a white, odourless, uniform product, free from dirt and other foreign matter. Light soda ash is one of the most important basic industrial chemicals. Light soda ash is used to regulate pH in many chemical process streams. The superior buffering capacity of soda ash versus caustic soda offers advantages in adjusting plant wastewater pH ranges. Soda ash is used as the sodium source for sodium sulfite/bisulfite pulping liquors used in the sulfite, CMP, and CTMP processes, and in NSSC pulping.


Outward appearance:  White powder                                                                           
Mass % of sodium carbonate (Na2CO3), min: 99.2

Mass % of sodium carbonate (Na2CO3) in
Calculation to all non-calcined prod, min: 98.2
Mass % of calcination (270-300) °loss, max: 0.8
Mass % of chlorides in calculation to NaCl, max: 0.5
Mass % of iron in calculation to Fe2O3, max: 0.003
Mass % of substances insoluble in water, max: 0.04
Mass % of sulphates in calculation to Na2SO4, max: 0.05
(The certificate of Analysis issued by the plant-producer shall confirm the quality of goods.)

Soda ash is one of the basic materials for chemical industry, mainly used for metallurgy, glass, textile, dyeprinting, medicine, synthetic detergent, petroleum and food industry etc.

Packing Details:
 50 Kg PP Bag

Inspection Details: SGS or any other agency as per your requirement.

Minimum Order Quantity Details:100 Metric Ton