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Chemical >> Hydrocloric Acid
  Product Name
: Hydrocloric Acid
Item No. : CTC- H01
Place of Origin : Pakistaan

Detailed Product Specifications

Chem. Formula: HCL        
Molecular Weight:   36. 50
Purity:   35 + 1   %
State:   Fuming Liquid with pungent smell
Appearance: Colorless or slightly yellow

Application: Hydrochloric Acid is a strong inorganic acid used in almost all sectors of industry, where quality of the hydrochloric acid is the decisive factor for the type of application.
Chemically pure hydrochloric acid is mainly used in the pharmaceutical and food industry, for preparation of drinking water and as a raw material for consumable products. These applications require a high quality hydrochloric acid.
Technical hydrochloric acid has a large number of applications. The most important ones are metal pickling, ion-exchange regeneration, raw material for the production of numerous inorganic and organic compounds, pH-regulation and neutralization of process streams.

Inspection Details: SGS or any other agency as per your requirement.

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