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Chemical >> Sodium Cyanide
               Product Name
: Sodium Cyanide 98%
             Item No. : CTC- S02
             Place of Origin : Ukraine

Detailed Product Specifications
Origin: CIS Countries
Sodium Cyanide (SC) is produced by processing mercury caustic soda.


Fraction of total mass of PSC (NACN), % min: 98.0
Fraction of total mass of NaOH, % max: 0,7
Fraction of total mass of Na2CO3, % max: 0,3
Fraction of total mass of Fe, % max: 0,001
Density, kg/m3: 1598
Bulk density, kg/100 liter: 80-85
The SC is a strong poison. The SC is manufactured in the shape of white or slightly colored flakes or Briquettes.

The SC is packed into the polyethylene gaskets to be placed into steel cylinders without load hatches; top cover is sealed after filling the cylinder. The cylinder is hermetically sealed.
Weight of the cylinder:  5, 0 kgs.
The cylinders wall thickness:  0, 5-0, 6
Net weight: 50 kgs and 85 kgs.

Conditions on delivery:
We can offer our goods on conditions CIF any your desirable port in 20 feet Containers. (50kgs x 350 steel cylinders NET-17 500 kgs) or (85kgs x 210 steel cylinders NET-17 850 kgs). Delivery of the Goods under the present contract can be made only after granting by "Buyer" to "Seller" of the following documents - sanctions:
- The Certificate of the end user which has been given out by the corresponding Ministry of the country where the Goods is imported;
- The Import certificate from Proxy body of the country where the Goods are imported;
- The Letter of guarantee;
- The Sanction of an agency of the country where "Buyer" is registered;

Inspection Details
: SGS or any other agency as per your requirement.

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