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Pharma >> Sodium Saccharin
  Product Name : Sodium Saccharin
Item No. : CTC- PS 02
Place of Origin : India

Detailed Product Specifications
Sodium Saccharin is a white crystal or a crystalline powder, soluble in water and slightly soluble in alcohol . Sodium saccharin is 300-500 times sweeter than cane sugar (sucrose) and is used to improve the taste of pharmaceuticals, toothpaste and other toiletries, and as nonnutritive sweeteners in special dietary foods and beverages
CAS NO. : 68-19-9
Molecular Formula: C7H4NNaO3S • 2H2O
Molecular Weight: 123.11 g/mol
Storage: Should take precautions against heat and moisture

Saccharin is stable when heated, even in the presence of acids, does not react chemically with other food ingredients, and stores well. Blends of saccharin with other sweeteners are often used to compensate for each sweetener's weaknesses.

Inspection Details
SGS or any other agency as per your requirement.

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