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Chemical >> Dicyandiamide Dcda
  Product Name
: Dicyandiamide Dcda
Item No. : CTC- D02
Place of Origin : India

Detailed Product Specifications
Dicyandiamide(DCDA) is a white crystal soluble in water and alcohol; used in fertilizers, explosives, oil well drilling muds, pharmaceuticals, and dyestuffs. Dicyandiamide is also known as cyanoguanidine.

Specification: Supergrade (Some items are superior to the National Standard) 
Purity: 99.5% min 
Moisture: 0.20% max 
Density: 1.40g/cm3
Ash content: 0.05% max
Melting Point: 209 - 212 
Ca: 200PPM max 
Fe: 10PPM maxCautions: Not a hazardous substance; can be shipped as regular product. Store in dry place.

Usage: It could be used to produce melamine, and intermediate pans of synthetic drug, pesticides and coloring agents. Also can be used to produce guanidine nitrate, sulfanilamide, sulfocarbamide, rubber accelerators, hardening of steel, fixing agents of dye printing, sizing agents, and compound fertilizers.
Inspection Details: SGS or any other agency as per your requirement.

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