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Chemical >> Calcium Carbide
               Product Name
: Calcium Carbide
             Item No. : CTC- C01
             Place of Origin : India

Detailed Product Specifications

Calcium Carbide is a grayish-black crystalline compound obtained by heating pulverized limestone or quicklime with carbon and used to generate acetylene gas, as a dehydrating agent, and in the manufacture of graphite and hydrogen. Calcium carbide is also used as a fuel in steelmaking to extend the scrap ratio to liquid iron depending on economics. It is also used as a powerful deoxidizer at ladle treatment facilities. 

Specification Procreant gas (20°C, 101.3KPa) (L/Kg=)
Super Fine: 300
First Class: 280
Up to grade: 260

Specification Volume % Phosphine (%=)
Super fine: 0.06
First Class: 0.08
Up to grade: 0.08

Specification Volume % Sulphated hydrogen (%=)
Super fine: 0.10
First Class: 0.10
Up to grade: 0.10

Specification Quality percentage of granularity (5mm-80mm)(%=)
Super fine: 85
First Class: 85
Up to grade: 85

Specification Quality percentage of filtrated goods (25mm below)(%=)
Super fine: 5
First Class: 5
Up to grade: 5

Formula: CaC2
M.W: 64.10(According to international Atomic Weight in 1995)
The product accords with the National Standard of GB10665-2004

Property: Industrial calcium carbide is gray or black. It can adsorb moisture from the air and is an electrical conductor. It dissolves in water and produces acetylence, calcium hydroxide and releases heat.

Uses: Calcium carbide is a very important basic material in the organic synthesis industry. When mixed with other materials, the combination can produce acetylene, chloroprene rubber, calcium cyanamide, acetate acid, trichloroethylene, and acetaldehyde. Moreover, it can be used as a desulfuring agent in steel manufacturing and is used for metal cutting and welding.TRANSPORTATION: Transportation by all means of transport except air transport. 

Inspection Details: SGS or any other agency as per your requirement.

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