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Chemical >> Oxalic Acid
  Product Name
: Oxalic Acid
Item No. : CTC- O01
Place of Origin : Chaina

Detailed Product Specifications

Oxalic Acid is a colorless crystalline organic acid, found in many plants, especially rhubarb, wood sorrel, and spinach. It is widely used as a mordant and as a bleach in dyeing processes. Vaporized oxalic acid, or a 6% solution of oxalic acid in sugar syrup, is used by some beekeepers as an insecticide against the parasitic Varroa mite. Further it also acts as a rust remover in applications such as automotive shops and antiques restoration.

Specification: 1st grade (Some items are superior to the National Standard)
Oxalic Acid content: 99.6% min
Sulphate (So4): 0.08% max
Heavy metals (PB++): 0.001% max
Ferrous (Fe+++): 0.0015% max
Chloride (Cl): 0.003% max
Ignition residue (8500°C): 0.08% max
Annual output:  45000 MT
Grade: High grade
Formula: NH4CL
Material: Coke, sulphuric, caustic soda.
Property: White transparent crystal.
Cravity: 1.853, easily available sublimate at 100°C, easily dissolve in alcohol and water.

Usage: Used as purifying agent in pharmaceutical industry. Processing agent in rare-earth element processing, bleaching. Agent of fibers, rust remover, and grinding agent,etc.

Inspection Details: SGS or any other agency as per your requirement.

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