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Dry Fruits >> Walnut

What is a Walnut?
The walnut belongs to the small order of trees and shrubs known as Juglandeae. Walnut trees are very large, ranging from 50 to 75 feet in height and width. Kashmir revels in reputation in that it is the only region in India where the walnut tree grows. The natural sheen, color and grains are indeed exceptional and unique.

The Walnuts are supplied from the Kashmir Valley through our trusted suppliers to various part of the world maintaining the high standards. The types of Walnuts are given below:

In shell Walnuts
In India, the good quality in shell walnuts is majorly grown in Kashmir only. The size varies from as small as 24mm and goes up to 34mm as well. Total production of in shell walnuts is around 32000 - 35000 metric tonnes an year.

The In shell walnuts also attract good demand from various countries as middle east, Europe and far east. Export packaging is preferred in gunny bags ranging 20kg to 50kg As per customer requirement.

Walnut Kernels
Walnut Kernels are widely used in confectionaries and are mainly exported all around the world as compared to In shell Walnuts, which are majorly consumed in India itself. There are several types of Walnut Kernels and the details are shown in the picture below:

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