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Chemical >> Butyle Acetate
               Product Name
: Butyle Acetate
             Item No. : CTC- B02
             Place of Origin : India

Detailed Product Specifications

Appearance - transparent liquid without mechanical impurities.
Colority, Hazen units, max - 10.
Density at 20C, g/sm3 - 0.880 - 0.882
Mass fraction of main substance, % min - 99.5
Mass fraction of acids in terms of acetic acid, %, max - 0.005
Mass fraction of non-volatile reminder, %, max - 0.002
Mass fraction of water,%, max - 0.03
Relative volatility - 8-13.Packaging  :
Applications: As a solvent for perchlorovinyl-, polyacryl- and other lacquers, as a solvent for nitro-, ethyl-, and acetyl cellulose, chlorinated rubber, natural and synthetic resins, vegetable oils and fats, as an agent for extraction of natural flavorings, in fruit essences and perfumes.

Inspection Details: SGS or any other agency as per your requirement.

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