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Herbs >> Dried Thyme
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Thyme (pronounced /taɪm/) is a well known herb; in common usage the name may refer to any or all members of the plant genus Thymus, common thyme, Thymus vulgaris, and some other species that are used as culinary herbs or for medicinal purposes.

A great variety of plants have been used for medicinal purposes for as long as recorded history.

Thyme is a Mediterranean native of the mint family, which is one of the most widely used herbs.

It is a low growing herbaceous plant, sometimes becoming slightly woody. Its leaves are dark gray-green in color.

Thyme should be stored in the same way as other dried herbs, in an airtight pack and protected from extremes of heat, light and humidity. Thyme, when stored correctly, will last for longer than most dried herbs, that is from 18 months to two years.

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