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Petro-By-Products >> Rubber Processing oil

Process oil is made by refining raw petroleum and mainly divided both saturated hydrocarbon of paraffin group & naphthen group and unsaturated hydrocarbon of aromatic group. But according to the composition of paraffin, naphthen and aromatic which are contained in oil,composition of hydrocarbon, it is divided to paraffin group, naphthen group and aromatic group.

Process oil influences differently according to group to compatibility of with various rubber,rubber process, low temperature stabilization of rubber goods, anti-staining, age resistance,elasticity and wear resistance etc. The compatibility of process oil and rubber is generally in order to aromatic, naphthen and paraffin, and the Butyl rubber reversely appears to good compatibility to paraffin.

In the relation of between the composition of process oil and the characteristics of goods rubber, the process oil of paraffin group is not easy to processing working. But it is more excellent to anti-staining, low temperature stabilization,heating property and elasticity of goods rubber than the process oil of other group.

The process oil of naphthen group has the middle characteristics of paraffin and aromatic, and gives equilbrium characteristics which is proper to processing property, anti-staining, low temperature stabilization and wear resistance to the goods and so improves tensile strength, elasticity and elastic recovery percentage of elongation and has good characteristics of crack resistance and wear resistance etc.

The characteristics and fitness of various rubber and oils

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